We can make a once off real vinyl records and small run vinyl pressing from any music source. Analog, high res audio, CD, mp3 to vinyl. No minimum quantities, we can make 1 or 100 custom vinyl records.

DJs : Get your own songs on a real vinyl (no acetates / laquer discs). Play, scratch, at home or in major clubs. You don't have to be signed to a label or spend a fortune in production costs.

MUSICIANS : You've spent hours in composing, rehearsing, recording. All you've done is burned onto an ugly cd-r. Your music deserve a better treatment. Get your vinyl !!!

VINYL COLLECTORS : Transfer your "cheap" CDs, tapes... onto a real vinyl records.

Your order can be processed 100% online :
- Online quote
- Online payment
- Online submission of your audio masterpiece and data using our upload system